tpm apprentices hold apprentice travel card

Apprentice travel card boost

An apprenticeship is the first taste of full time work for many. Lots of young people are hungry to get on the career ladder but many can’t find a suitable apprenticeship close to home. Apprentice travel costs can be a deal breaker and consequently dream careers can end up on hold.

Now there is good news for 19-24 year olds living in the Liverpool City Region.  All apprentices in this age group can now get half price bus travel as announced by Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham. This boosts the existing scheme where 16 to 18 year olds get discounted My Travel tickets.

Travel Costs Slashed

Leading regional apprenticeship provider tpm has welcomed the news. The travel costs of 19 to 24 year olds on a tpm-run apprenticeship in childcare, business administration, hairdressing or barbering are now slashed.

The initiative waves in a new perk for apprentices above the age of 18: namely they can now travel by bus for half price. In order to tap into the discount, apprentices need to apply for an Apprentice Travel Card. These are available from a Merseytravel travel centre.

Anytime Apprentice Travel

Apprentices can use their discounted bus tickets at any time of the night or day. So it’s not just for getting to the apprenticeship workplace and back.  Brian Quinn, a director with tpm says:

“The cost of travel can be a considerable expense. As a result, this has limited opportunities for many young adults wanting to take up an apprenticeship. Now if you’re willing to work a bit further from home, you have a more affordable travel option. We often see ideal candidates for the roles we have on offer but travel costs can be an issue. The introduction of half price travel will therefore pay dividends, as more young people will get on the career ladder.’

The new travel pass scheme is just one of the fringe benefits of enrolling on an apprenticeship. Notably, apprentices also get an NUS Card. Members of the National Union of Learners get great deals across the UK.  For example, holders of the card receive 10% off on grocery shopping with the Co-op, up to 25% off restaurant food, up to 50% off computing software alongside great deals on mobile phones and technology.

Great Jobs on Offer

With apprenticeship positions available now with some great employers, tpm is backing the promotion of discounted travel. At the moment we have over 40 apprentice vacancies across the region. Most of them are on bus routes which means candidates from further afield can apply. Get in touch today to find out more about apprenticeships and the new travel discount.

Brian adds:

‘The scheme is live now and it is one of the best in the country.  Apprentices living in the Liverpool City Region enrolled on an approved course, like the ones we offer at tpm, will be much better off. The scheme boosts getting people aged 19-24 into work. In the first instance, if you’re the right age and on an apprenticeship, get the ball rolling by visiting a Merseytravel Travel Centre.”

Vist the MerseyTravel website for further information and to check you take the right documents with you when applying for the Apprentice Travel Card.