Coronavirus (COVID-19) – tpm’s Plan

The health and well-being of our staff, clients and those who attend and visit our training centre is our priority. We are responding to the situation calmly as it develops based on Government guidelines. It is also very important to us to maintain a service that allows the continued progression of your learning and qualifications.

Current Government guidelines are that there should be no changes to plans or events with less than 500 clients gathered at any one time. Therefore, as it stands, we do not plan to make any immediate changes to your college attendance. However, please be assured that we will act if we believe it is the right thing to do or Government advice changes.


Extra steps

For now, we are taking all extra steps to ensure the health and safety of all our clients. Our centre cleaning is receiving extra care and attention. We ask that you support us with these measures by maintaining good respiratory and hand hygiene and are respectful to those around you. There are plenty of the requisite personal-care items around the centre to support this.

To support social distancing recommendations and because we have the technology to do so; we will increasingly be operating remote visits to learners by skype, facetime and phone call visits during the weeks ahead, and subject to further and subsequent Government guidance releases. Your trainer will keep you informed of this.

We also ask if you are one of the most medically susceptible people and/or are experiencing any of the symptoms such as a high temperature or new persistent cough described in the Government’s information site you do not attend our centre and inform our Compliance Manager, Janet Smart on 0151 709 6000 or by email if you any questions or concerns at all.