hairdressing apprentice smells hair product on shampoo workshop at lush liverpool

Hairdressing apprentices develop knowledge and skills thanks to tpm Lush collaboration

Links with industry form a key part of the learning process for apprentices at tpm. Last week, tpm’s level 2 hairdressing apprentices went to the leading beauty product retailer, Lush in Liverpool to learn about sustainability and regeneration.’ The collaboration with Lush has provided tpm apprentices with a unique experience and opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills. Lush is committed to educating the local community about sustainability and regeneration. This complements tpm’s drive to promote the use of sustainable products in the hairdressing industry.

Hairdressing apprentices get environmentally friendly

tpm‘s level 2 hairdressing apprentices are currently completing a unit about shampoo, focussing on ‘naked products’. That is packaging-free beauty products.  In particular, they are learning about how some companies are working to eliminate plastic bags or packaging. Instead, they are replacing them with paper or reusable scarves as Lush does for example. One particularly exciting innovation that the apprentices get to use is soap bars. Soap bars allow hairdressers to ditch the plastic bottles. Incredibly, bars can last up to 80 washes. So they are cost-effective as well as environmentally friendlier.

When the opportunity to collaborate with Lush came up it seemed like perfect timing. The session is part of the recent curriculum enhancement developed by tpm over the summer which also features guest speakers from local industry, career counselling and financial advice. Last month the hairdressing apprentices enjoyed a masterclass with experienced and respected industry expert Alan Henry.

Hairdressing tutor Helen Carroll explains how the session at Lush fits in with the exciting new curriculum;

“Lush has an innovative approach to educate the community about sustainability and regeneration. They are a company that likes to give back. Their passion and drive to reduce plastics and packaging really fits in with our values and curriculum. This is why we were so keen to collaborate with them.”

Helpful and informative

The session at Lush was helpful and informative for the tpm hairdressing apprentices. Specifically, the session covered:

  • How the Lush hair lab works
  • The story of Lush and its founder Mark Constantine
  • Career advice on jobs in the industry
  • The importance of consultation
  • Products and their ingredients
  • Reducing plastics
  • Being ethical and sustainable

Apprentices made their own infusion bags from natural products such as lavender and chamomile.

There was a real buzz about the session amongst the hairdressing apprentices. One of them said;

“It was a really interesting day. It was surprising how good some of the sustainable products were. I can now see that using these products doesn’t have to be a compromise. I have lots of ideas I can take back to the salon too.”

The session also benefitted those who were thinking about their career. Another learner explains:

“It was great to think of some other careers in the industry that aren’t just in salons. I got a lot from the section on career advice. I also thought the story behind the company was great. Hopefully, I can make a difference too.”

As you can see, a hairdressing apprenticeship at tpm is an exciting option for any young person with determination to succeed. See our current apprenticeship vacancies or call Jason on 0151 709 6000 to find out more.