pink and blue hair being styled by someone who is training for a hairdressing career

No Short Cuts To A Hairdressing Career – 5 Skills To Master

Hairdressing is a serious profession with great career prospects. Working as a hairdresser is much more than giving cuts and blow dries. Despite its image with some as a second rate job, hairdressers possess high levels of knowledge and skills spanning business, maths, chemistry, art and psychology. In addition, they all have a comprehensive understanding of medical issues. That’s alongside the reasons many people choose to go into hairdressing: as a way to use their creativity and earn a good living.

Good hairdressers command respect and many go on to become entrepreneurs or travel the world.  But before any of that, a hairdressing apprentice undergoes rigorous training to the highest standards.  Thus, at tpm we’re dedicated to helping you developing the following essential skills you need to take on a serious but fun career in hairdressing

Channel your artist: Get creative!

If you have creative flair then a hairdressing career is for you. Coming up with fabulous ideas for your clients will make them feel great.  You’d be surprised by the number of trends that come and go in hairdressing.  Consequently, there’s always something new to think about. Do you know your modern top knot from your balayage and that lilac is tipped to be a big trend for the rest of 2019?  A customer who wants to make a statement could even see you delivering a flamboyage.  And hairdressers have clients asking for Game Of Thrones inspired styles. It’s all guaranteed kick start your imagination!

Big bang theories: Technical aspects of hairdressing

A lot of the day to day work of a hairstylist involves science! Okay you are not expected to build a rocket but you will have to handle hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals carefully and in the right proportions.  Furthermore, you need a good understanding of the technical aspect of changing hair colours.  If a customer walks in with one colour wanting a dramatic change to something else, you need to consider if it’s even possible. Then work out if the hair is strong enough to withstand the requested procedure.

Business Savvy: Profitable ways to succeed in hairdressing

Self-employed or working in somebody else’s salon – either way tune into your commercial savviness to boost your hairdressing career. Working for yourself will include marketing and financial awareness. Applying these skills will stand you in good stead with clients and suppliers.  If your first job is in a salon then you can stand out as a star by considering the needs of the business. Upselling services and promoting take home products will boost your earnings as well as your career.

Social Working: Personal secrets spilled

Hairdressers deal with people all day every day. It stands to reason that you need to be a people person.  What you might not realise is how important tact is.  Treat your clients as VIPs, but remember not every client is going to want to share the details on their personal life. That said, some clients will end up sharing their most personal secrets, you should treat these in confidence.  A few beans spilled in the hairdressers chair shouldn’t become the salon gossip.

Save a Life: Play Detective

Taking lots of holidays in the sun, thinning hair and working in the outdoors.  These are all clues that your hairdressing or barber shop clients are susceptible to skin cancer.  It is well established that hairdressers can spot the very first signs of different types of melanoma. Hairdressers are trained to identify unusual looking lumps, dry patches and moles.  You will also learn how to tip your client off that there might be a problem without alarming them unnecessarily.

As a hairdressing or barber apprentice with tpm you’ll spend four days in a salon and one day in our state of the art training centre in the heart of Liverpool. We partner with many great salons across the region to provide top class apprenticeship positions. There are vacancies now available in salons in south and north Liverpool and also on the Wirral. Call Jason on 0151 709 6000 or contact us via social media.