Chloe McGuiness

tpm apprenticeships pave the way to university

tpm apprenticeships build promising careers underpinned with professional skills. Look no further than apprentice graduate Chloe McGuiness for proof of this! Having completed her level 2 and level 3 apprenticeships in early years/childcare at tpm, Chloe will soon be starting a BA (Hons) degree in Learning, Development and Support at Liverpool John Moores University. Not only is this testament to Chloe’s hard work and determination, but it also confirms that A-levels aren’t the only route to university.

Apprenticeships boost career prospects

A recent Apprenticeship Learner Evaluation carried out by the government found that 60% of apprentices received a promotion or a pay rise due to their apprenticeship. Furthermore, 65% of current apprentices consider progressing to a further qualification after completing their course. Similarly, a City and Guilds report states that half of companies say it takes an apprentice just five years to reach management level. Moreover, almost 9 in 10 apprentices feel more confident in their abilities because of their apprenticeship. Whilst 80% stated that an apprenticeship provided them with the sector-relevant skills and knowledge needed to boost their career prospects.

Progressing with tpm

Chloe, who works at Sandfield Park Day Nursery, progressed through Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeship courses with tpm. In fact, Chloe was nearing the end of her Level 3 Childcare Advanced Apprenticeship when lockdown began. Initially, she was concerned about how the pandemic would affect her course and her job. Chloe explains:

“I couldn’t stop worrying about work and how the six children with special educational needs (SEN) who I work with would cope. This drove me to keep going and finish my apprenticeship. Finishing the course would give me the reassurance that I was doing something right.”

Her resilience and determination paid off. Despite being a keyworker and working throughout the pandemic at her nursery, Chloe still managed to complete her course early. Chloe was supported throughout this time by her tpm teacher and trainer, Loretta. Loretta and Chloe switched to online technology to communicate and get Chloe’s course completed ahead of time. 

Moving On

Chloe didn’t end her learning journey there, though. She used her qualifications gained through tpm to gain a place on the degree course at Liverpool John Moores University. Chloe reveals:

“I chose to do this course because of my love for working as a 1-1 in my current nursery, supporting the SEN children we have. Helping to support children and give every child an equal opportunity to learn is something that every child deserves. I aspire to be the person to fight for this.”

Support and Encouragement

Chloe credits her employers at Sandfield for supporting her and encouraging her to progress:

“They’ve been so supportive and have been over the moon for me. They have been pushing me to do this next step.” 

Additionally, Chloe attributes her success to the support she received at tpm:

tpm opened so many doors for me to be able to pursue the career of my dreams. They helped me realise my capability and gave me the confidence boost I needed to realise my worth.”

In particular, Chloe has a special mention for tpm apprentice trainer Steven:

“Ste played a big part in my time at tpm. He was certainly someone I looked up to, and he deserves a great deal of credit. He is the most down to earth, supportive tutor I’ve ever had in all my years of education. If anyone ever had any struggles with the course or personal matters, he made it his priority to offer the help he could for each learner to thrive; he has such a great teaching ethic. He is one of the best, if not the best, in the business. I just wish I could come back and do my degree at tpm too!”

Chloe has a very bright future ahead of her, and she is excited to start her BA in September. With her tenacity and motivation and two tpm apprenticeships under her belt, Chloe can no doubt achieve whatever she puts her mind to!

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