young man vaping

Young people warned about risks of vaping

Teenagers across the UK are part of the multi-million-pound vaping market, but now they are being warned about the health risks and to be wary of counterfeit products. 

As the end of the summer approaches, a new warning is being issued to young people. tpm is asking its learners to think twice before vaping.

New report claims vaping can severely affect health

Every year we read about young people who have lost their life to rogue drugs, especially over the summer; incidents often take place at music festivals or mass organised events.  The warning surrounding drugs now extends to vaping.  A new report from the US claims that vaping using counterfeit products can cause death and highlights health can be severely affected by taking up this habit.

In what is thought to be the first of its kind, American doctors have recorded a death linked to vaping. An Illinois resident who has died is believed to the first death officially attributed to this alternative to smoking. Nearly 200 Americans are thought to have contracted a severe respiratory disease as a result of the recreational drug

Respiratory disease comes in different forms and affects the airways and lungs. It cannot be cured.

Danger of vaping as a substitute for smoking marijuana

One of the biggest dangers is when vaping is used as a substitute for smoking marijuana.  Highly concentrated THC oil, that contains the active ingredient to give a high, is heated and produces the same intoxicating effects but can cause burns or loss of consciousness. This is more likely among teenagers and is illegal in the UK.

Brian Quinn of tpm says:

“Young people should not be pressured by their friends into smoking or vaping. Vaping is often seen as a cool thing to do but can be a step towards cigarettes. Counterfeit products have entered the market. Young people need to heed the warnings until the full facts are known and never be tempted to try black market or illegal substances in all their forms.”

Whilst it might look cool, Shisha vaping is also something to be wary of. E-shisha pipe bars have popped up in cities across the UK.  The potential long term health risks are unknown.


In the 1960s smoking cigarettes was prescribed by doctors as a way to help anxiety and settle nerves. Decades later we know the risks associated with smoking and nicotine. Studies are emerging that conclude we don’t know enough about the dangers of vaping.

Vaping devices are also known to be capable of exploding, the lithium batteries they use are potentially volatile. Buying cheap or illegally imported products increases this risk.  The safest thing to do is steer clear of smoking in all its forms.

Brian adds:

“A smoker who stops using cigarettes and takes up vaping, on balance is, as far as we know, following a good short term strategy. But prolonged vaping is a health concern, and anybody taking it up for the first time is trying an addictive substance. Don’t be fooled by the names, flavours and aromas, all designed to get you hooked.”

Studies conclude that dangerous ingredients in e-liquids can be harmful. The liquid can contain nicotine, formaldehyde, diacetyl, and glycerol.  These components can aggravate the eyes, airways, and lungs. Nicotine is addictive and harmful, so tpm is urging its learners to say no to vaping. There are far fewer answers than questions regarding the long term health risks.

tpm learners who want help to quit smoking, vaping or any addiction can in the first instance contact one of our mental health champions who will signpost them to professional, confidential support agencies.