Apprenticeship application form

Doing an apprenticeship with tpm is a fantastic way to get the qualifications and experience you need for an exciting career, whilst actually working in that job. To join the hundreds of other young people who trained and qualified on the job as an apprentice then please fill in this application form.

Speak to us before you start your application form

If you haven’t spoken to one of our friendly recruitment experts yet, please get in touch before you complete this application. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about becoming an apprentice.

You can contact us by phone on 0151 709 6000, email or chat to us online by clicking on the chat icon on this page. We’re waiting to hear from you.

We can’t wait to welcome you to tpm!

Instructions for completing application form

  • Speak to one of our expert consultants first to arrange a meeting to find out everything about being an apprentice
  • After you’ve met with us, fill out an application form by clicking on the link below
  • The application form takes about 15 minutes to fill out
  • You have to fill it out in one go – you can’t save and come back
  • You’ll need to have the following information to hand
  • National Insurance number (NINO)
  • Dates and results of any examinations you have taken (eg GCSEs)
  • Names of any employers or work experience companies and approximate dates for these periods of employment or placement