Full steam ahead! Rocking resilience in lockdown

We may be in lockdown again but it’s very much full steam ahead for tpm. The only difference is that we are delivering our training and support services remotely. So this means it’s business as usual for the tpm community! In other words, our phone lines are open, teachers and tutors will be teaching, and learners will be completing their learning as scheduled.

Practise resilience

And we’re rocking resilience! That means, we’re all embracing this latest lockdown as an opportunity to put into practice all we’ve learnt about being resilient. Challenging times make us stronger and we’re urging tpm learners to keep striving to achieve great things, whether in lockdown or otherwise. tpm learners have had some amazing successes during previous lockdowns and we look forward to reporting the same this time.

To help keep things crystal clear, we have put together a list of simple lockdown reminders for tpm learners and for the employers who provide their apprenticeships and traineeship positions.

Lockdown reminders for learners

  • You must not come into the tpm centre, unless informed otherwise.
  • Until further notice, all teaching will be online and remote, delivered via the Zoom app on your smartphone or other device.
  • Even if your employer has told you to work from home, you must still attend your tpm learning sessions. Your 20% off the job training is a legal requirement and is very important.
  • You will be following the SAME timetables you were following prior to lockdown. So days and times of learning sessions remain the same, unless informed otherwise.
  • You must turn up to your online classes, prepared, on time and dressed professionally, as you would if you were going into the workplace or attending classes in person (so no pyjamas ☺)
  • As always, if your personal safety is under threat either in person or online, please contact one of tpm’s safeguarding officers who will help you
  • Similarly, if you are experiencing mental health problems, please contact one of our mental health champions, who will give you support and guidance
  • tpm’s phone lines are open from 9 to 5, Monday to Thursday, and 9 to 4 on Fridays if you need to speak to a tpm member of staff. Call 0151 709 6000.
  • In the unlikely event that you are experiencing technical problems linked to your learning, please contact your teacher/trainer.
  • Please check your e-portfolio regularly as we will be uploading any important messages for you there. Please also ensure you are following us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, twitter
  • Remember to practice resilience! If you work hard, keep focussed and motivated, you will achieve just as well in lockdown as you will during more normal times.

Lockdown reminders for businesses who employ tpm learners

  • Learners will not be coming into the tpm centre for any classes during lockdown. They will be accessing their usual timetable remotely, from the workplace or from home. We expect them to progress as they would out of lockdown. Their 20% off the job is a legal requirement and very important.
  • No doubt you will be monitoring the progression and also the wellbeing of your apprentices as you would any members of your team. But please remember that tpm are here to support you with this. Please contact us if you think there is anything we can do to help.
  • We are still offering recruitment services so if you have additional vacancies contact us as usual. 
  • tpm is encouraging resilience in its learners in the face of this latest lockdown challenge – how to drive ahead despite difficulties. If any of our employers want to find out more about how our Making A Splash resilience model can also be applied in the workplace, please contact Brian Quinn.