national apprenticeship week

National Apprenticeship Week 2020

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 is Look Beyond, helping people see apprenticeships differently by ‘looking beyond’ outdated stereotypes. Additionally, it is a chance to celebrate the diversity of opportunity apprenticeships bring. Both employers and employees benefit from apprenticeships. For an employer, hiring an apprentice is an excellent way to grow talent. Furthermore, apprenticeships help develop a motivated, efficient and qualified workforce. Meanwhile, job seekers can gain experience and recognised qualifications through an apprenticeship.

Look Beyond!

As part of the celebrations, tpm is promoting our new apprenticeship in Team Leading and Supervising  This course is a way for employers to progress their most promising staff. Specifically, it’s for those already in or working towards their first management roles.

Staff can develop interpersonal skills such as leading and managing people, and effective communication through this apprenticeship standard. Also, the training includes operational management, project management and finance. Employees also develop their decision-making skills and explore self-awareness. As a result, the pressure is taken off senior managers as staff become better equipped to take on responsibilities.


We understand that cost is always a factor in staff development. But with apprenticeships, this isn’t really an issue. If the company pays the Apprenticeship Levy, then that covers all training and assessment charges. However, most employers don’t have pay the apprenticeship levy. In these cases, they only make a 5% contribution to the training and assessment costs. The Government pays the rest. Some employers will get 100% of costs covered. But most will pay a contribution of between just £340 and £520. Consequently, it’s an inexpensive and cost-effective staff development tool.

tpm will also help you access any additional available funding at no extra cost.

Find out more

There are lots of ways to get involved in National Apprenticeship Week and find out about tpm opportunities.

Building on the success of last year, the National Apprenticeship Service will be running the ’Ask An Apprentice’ session again in 2020. Thinking about becoming an apprentice? Use the #AskAnApprentice hashtag on Twitter from 12-2 pm on Wednesday 5th February to ask current and former apprentices about their experiences.

Are you an employer thinking about taking on an apprentice? An ‘Ask An Employer’ session will take place on Twitter from 12-2 pm on Thursday 6th February. There will be a variety of employers of all sizes ready to answer questions when you use the hashtag #AskAnEmployer.

Contact our friendly team at tpm who can help you with any other queries. Call 0151 709 6000 or email