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Positive feedback for tpm after Ofsted interim visit

On the 24th to 25th November 2020, tpm had an interim visit from Ofsted. The visit focused in the main on how tpm has adapted to the restrictions, and in line with three principle themes.

Ofsted interim visit: key themes

  • What actions are leaders taking to ensure that they provide an appropriate curriculum that responds to the reasonable needs of learners and stakeholders and adapts to changed circumstances?
  • What steps are leaders, managers and staff taking to ensure that the approaches used for building knowledge and skills are appropriate to meet the reasonable needs of learners?
  • How are leaders ensuring that learners are safe and well informed about potential risks, including from online sources?

Ofsted interim visit: main findings

  • Leaders were able to take swift action when Covid-19 restrictions were put in place. This meant that the move to online learning was smooth with ‘minimal disruption’.
  • Learners with issues accessing the online curriculum were identified quickly. Leaders worked with a charity to supply learners with laptops. Paper resources were supplied to learners still not able to access the online curriculum. 
  • Leaders worked with staff to develop an inclusive online curriculum, meeting the needs of all learners. 
  • Leaders have quality assured the online curriculum and are investing in new software to allow managers to observe live online teaching, strengthening the quality assurance process.
  • Managers and tutors monitor learners’ progress and well-being by keeping in close contact.
  • Managers have been vigilant regarding staff health and well-being. 
  • Employers were very complimentary about the support they received from tpm staff. 
  • Leaders have met the training needs of staff, allowing them to develop online curricula confidently. 
  • Leaders have encouraged staff to be innovative and creative with online learning. 
  • Learners have benefitted from flexible curricula and are enjoying learning online.
  • Staff work closely with relevant assessment organisations to ensure that apprentices can qualify despite restrictions. 
  • Apprentices who were made redundant because of the pandemic were given support and guidance by staff. As a result, almost all found new employment and were able to continue their apprenticeship. 
  • Practical advice such as keeping safe from Covid-19 and how to keep the mind and body healthy has been given to learners, which has helped allay anxieties.
  • Learners say that they feel safe when using the centre because of changes made by staff, such as reduced class sizes and bubbles.
  • Staff and learners have received training on accessing digital resources safely. 

We are very pleased with the outcome of this interim visit. tpm management are in very grateful for the ongoing hard work and determination of tpm staff, board members, learners and employers, in particular during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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