Brian and Paula

tpm Covid-19 Operations Update

As you will have all heard, on Saturday, the Government announced a further lockdown in England to begin on Thursday. However, all schools, colleges and universities will be remaining open. Therefore, tpm will be open to staff and learners throughout the lockdown. 

Keeping staff and learners #tpmCovidSafeandSound

A clear priority for tpm has always been the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and learners. This priority will not change. tpm’s new centre is already a strict covid secure work and learning space. Before the centre opened in September, tpm undertook a complete programme of refurbishment to ensure staff and learners’ safety. Furthermore, tpm introduced several additional measures to keep the centre #tpmCovidSafeandSound, such as temperature checks and 30-day sanitisation spray. 

Staying Positive

Some learners may be concerned about continuing their course through a lockdown. As well as the measures in place to make learners physically safe, tpm is there for learners’ mental health too. All learners can, and should, talk through any anxieties they may have. All learners have tpm MD Brian Quinn’s phone number if they need to speak to him. Learners are also encouraged to talk to Tammy or Lisa if they have any safeguarding concerns about themselves or friends. Additionally, learners can call on any of the four mental health champions. Teachers and tutors are also always on hand to talk through worries too. 

Remaining Resilient

Learners should also remember to use the resilience model, which was introduced by tpm before the summer. ‘Making a Splash’ is a popular model, encouraging learners’ resilience. It is already an integral part of the curriculum and displays featuring it are prominent in the new centre. 

Stay Positive – look at the positives of the situation

Logic – breathe and take five to check reality. 

Awareness – be mindful. Attitude is everything. We have no control over the lockdown, but we can control how we respond.

Support – who is your support network. Think about how you can be best supported and use that support. 

Health – keep mentally and physically healthy

In November, tpm will announce 2020 Trainees and Apprentices of the year for each programme area. Additionally, there will be a prize for the person who made the ‘biggest splash’ by showing resilience. What’s more, top Liverpool employers are sponsoring the awards. The employers will award prizes of £100 to the winners. 

Incentives for Employers

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year in many industries already. tpm is incredibly grateful for the tenacity of all the employers working with tpm staff, trainees and apprentices. Many employers are already taking advantage of the Government’s support to impact employment levels in the region positively. tpm will continue to support employers in accessing these incentives. If you want to learn more about the £1500-£3000 for new apprentices recruited before 31st January 2021, please contact Neil or Tracy. Similarly, there are £1000 grants for supporting a trainee with a pre-apprenticeship work placement. 

Additional Employer Services

tpm launched tpmOnline earlier in the year. It has proved invaluable for so many employers and learners throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. There are over 40 quality CPD courses in a wide range of subjects. The courses can be taken at your leisure and will take between 2-8 hours. Moreover, the courses are fully online. tpm employers are even eligible for up to 50% discount.

tpm have also recently launched Paediatric and Emergency First Aid Courses. These courses are bespoke and exclusive to tpm employers. Rates for these courses are incredibly competitive thanks to a collaboration with Barry Hall from Smart Rethink. 

Stay Happy and Well

tpm MD Brian Quinn would like to reiterate the message to all staff and learners to remain positive and stay happy and well. 

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of superior personality.”

Brian Tracy