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tpm early years apprentice inspires career changers

Childminder Hayley has become an inspiration for other apprentices and learners with her award-winning determination and dedication. Hayley has recently achieved Level 3 Early Years Educator standard with tpm after progressing from a Level 2 Early Years Practitioner standard.

A Lifelong Ambition

Working with children had always been Hayley’s ambition. However, Hayley didn’t feel confident enough to go for roles in childcare when she first left school. Instead, Hayley went to work in an office-based position for ten years. That desire to work with children never left Hayley, but she kept putting it off. When Hayley had two boys of her own, she decided it was now or never and contacted tpm about enrolling on a Level 2 apprenticeship.

Support and Encouragement

Despite feeling nervous about starting her course, Hayley soon settled. Hayley credits the tpm team for building her confidence:

“There was so much support and encouragement. It really built my confidence up. tpm make you feel comfortable, but they also push you to do better. The tutors and staff are so approachable, and I always felt like I could ask for help.”

Learner of the Year

Hayley began to look forward to her training days at tpm and often arrived early to make the most of her days there. Her tutors and teachers soon noted her hard work and dedication. Hayley was nominated for Apprentice of the Year and won tpm Functional Skills Learner of the Year 2020. She received the award for her great attitude and commitment to learning. Furthermore, she was commended for her outstanding punctuality and attendance.

When nominating Hayley for the award, Functional Skills Teacher David Ealey said:

 “Hayley was one of the hardest working learners I have ever met; when she found a subject difficult, she redoubled her efforts to understand and progress. She achieved both L1 and L2 Functional Skills in her time with tpm and never faltered in her determination to succeed.”

Overcoming Barriers

With the number of achievements Hayley has accomplished, it would be easy to think her journey was easy. However, Hayley faced many challenges and barriers. Firstly, Hayley has two small children of her own. This meant that Hayley had to be more dedicated than most to be able to complete her work. Hayley often got up before her children in the mornings to get some college work done before a full day working at her family’s childminding business. Additionally, Hayley faced the challenges of learning through lockdown. Hayley remained determined throughout, and her tenacity became an inspiration for other learners.

Just Do It!

The decision to change careers was the right one for Hayley. She loves working with children and has set up her own successful childminding business. In particular, Hayley enjoys the nurturing aspect of her job. Moreover, Hayley believes that working in Early Years is the most rewarding career and has some simple advice:

“If anyone is considering a career change, just do it. It’s achievable!”

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