tpm on hand to offer advice and career opportunities on GCSE Results Day

Thursday is GCSE results day, arguably the most important day in the calendar of any year 11 pupil. And this year has been a year like no other.

For learners in Year 11 and Year 13, the period from March to August should have been very different. The Easter holidays should have brought revision sessions, post-it notes and flashcards. The start of May should have hailed a last-minute panic to finish coursework and non-exam assessment (NEA). The end of May should have been full of prom preparations, leavers’ hoodies and shirt-signing. June would have been the main exam season, giving pupils the chance to show off everything they had learnt. July would usher in much-needed downtime and holidays. The August results would have been their reward for all their hard work. Instead, most pupils have missed out on these key milestones in their educational timeline. Sadly, schools have postponed proms and leavers’ celebrations indefinitely. Furthermore, many probably don’t feel like the results they’re picking are a true reflection of their worth. The world seems to have stopped, and the next steps are unclear.

Why not consider an apprenticeship?

At tpm, we understand the current difficulties faced by school and college leavers. Covid-19 has brought a lot of change. You may have had your heart set on university or college, only to find that restrictions mean it is online learning only. Equally, you may have had a career in mind that no longer has vacancies due to Covid-19 related redundancies. Or, you might not have had the chance to discuss career options before lockdown. Thankfully, our team is on hand to discuss your career options with you on GCSE results day. We have exciting apprenticeship opportunities to help you launch your career straight away.

What does an apprenticeship involve?

On an apprenticeship, you’re employed to do a real job while also studying for a formal qualification. You’ll spend around 80% of your time ‘on the job’ and 20% on ‘off the job’ training through tpm. By the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll have gained the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen career. You could even then go onto the next apprenticeship level.

Why choose an apprenticeship with tpm?

  1. Earn while you learn

Most of our apprentices earn around £155 a week. Some make more than this. Imagine being able to fund your social life while learning! You or your parents won’t need to get into debt to pay for your course, because you’ll be earning while you learn. And the cost of training is covered by the Government or your employer.

  1. Get recognised qualifications

At the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll receive real qualifications, which are an excellent addition to your CV. You’ll also boost your employability and showcase your skills to future employers.

  1. Ongoing and personalised support from tpm

As well as support from your employer, you will also get ongoing and personalised support from tpm. Additionally, you will have your own tpm personal trainer who will support you by phone and email. They’ll identify areas you need specific support in and provide it.

  1. Gain real work experience

Unlike most college or university courses, you gain real experience. Also, you’re eased into a working environment and shown the ropes, rather than thrown in.

  1. Launch your career

90% of apprentices are taken on permanently by their employer. What’s more, nearly a quarter will receive a promotion within the first 12 months. Some apprentices use it to get a foot on the ladder of the industry in which they want to work. What a great way to launch your career!

Finding out more after GCSE results day

If you want to launch your career with tpm, or you just want to find out more, call Tracy on 07951751074 on GCSE results day or any other time between 9am and 5pm. She can answer all your questions about apprenticeships and how to get on one. You can also email, or check out our current vacancies.