Are tpm Traineeships missing from your recruitment toolbox?

Many of tpm’s employers already use Traineeships as a principal tool in their recruitment toolbox. If your organisation isn’t yet using Traineeships, now is the time to think about starting! tpm Traineeships benefits for employers – Don’t miss out! The benefits of using tpm Traineeships in your organisation are: An opportunity to give a young […]

School leavers make excellent progress thanks to tpm traineeships

School leavers tpm traineeships

tpm traineeships have a proven track record for successfully preparing school leavers for the world of work or helping them to progress onto apprenticeships.  This month, Year 11 and Year 13 learners across the country will be leaving school. Some will have spent half of their exam course learning from home. Additionally, they won’t have […]

tpm Learner of the Year Awards 2020

Learner of the Year awards

Our Board of Directors is delighted to announce the winners of the tpm Learner of the Year awards for 2020. We asked teachers and trainers to select nominees according to criteria set by the board. Specifically, these included attendance, punctuality, commitment and attitude to learning, and commitment to the tpm Making a SPLASH resilience model.  […]

Launch your career with a tpm traineeship!

learners sitting at desks smiling

School leavers and other young people in the Liverpool City Region are getting their feet on the career ladder thanks to the tpm traineeship programme. A traineeship is a flexible education and training programme with work experience. In particular, it is ideal for individuals who aren’t quite ready to go onto an apprenticeship. For example, […]

5 Reasons To Apply For A tpm Traineeship

You’ve probably heard of apprenticeships but you might not be so familiar with traineeships. You might not be ready for an apprenticeship. Maybe your skills and experience need developing a bit before an employer will take you on. Or get any maths and English qualifications you didn’t manage to achieve at school. If this is […]

tpm Traineeships Are Proven Stepping Stone Onto Apprenticeships

Every year thousands of teenagers leave school hoping to secure an apprenticeship. However, many find it difficult to gain a place. tpm offers a traineeship programme that helps eight out of ten young people get an apprenticeship. Usually, this happens as soon as they complete the course, or within 6 months of finishing. Catch Twenty […]