Eating disorders: how to get help

February 26th – March 6th marked Eating Disorder Awareness Week in the UK. And as charities and organisations work to increase awareness and support for individuals suffering from eating disorders or disordered eating habits, experts are warning of a stark rise in the number of young people requiring treatment for eating disorders. According to data […]

Ukraine Invasion: managing anxiety during uncertain times

We are all extremely saddened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and their friends and families across the world. Many of us feel worried even though we are not directly affected by events in Ukraine. Uncertainty about what will happen and whether the […]

How can we tackle violence against women?

Tacking violence towards women

Violence against women is a global problem. It exists in virtually every culture on earth. In fact, the World Health Organisation’s Director believes that” ‘violence against women is a global health problem of epidemic proportions.” But what is violence against women, and how can we tackle it? What is violence against women? The term violence against […]

Domestic abuse: what you should know

domestic abuse act

The Domestic Abuse Bill became law in April. It aims to improve protection for victims of domestic abuse and bring more abusers to court.  In addition, the Bill will raise awareness about the impact of domestic abuse. What’s more, it now extends to young people aged 16 and over.  What is domestic abuse? Domestic abuse […]

Full steam ahead! Rocking resilience in lockdown


We may be in lockdown again but it’s very much full steam ahead for tpm. The only difference is that we are delivering our training and support services remotely. So this means it’s business as usual for the tpm community! In other words, our phone lines are open, teachers and tutors will be teaching, and […]