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Five Reasons Why Early Years is a Great Career Choice

If lockdown taught us anything, it is how valuable Early Years Practitioners and Educators are. Many people quickly realised that the role is more than ‘just looking after children’. Early Years Practitioner and Educators are highly trained professionals. They are experts in child development and know exactly how to bring the best out of children. Moreover, they have endless patience, kindness, empathy and stamina. It is no surprise then that there is a great demand for people to work in the sector.

At tpm, we are incredibly proud to provide a way for people to launch their careers in this sector. We offer an Early Years Practitioner Standard (Level 2) and Early Years Educator Standard (Level 3). We also have a Team Leading Standard for professionals wanting to develop their career. Here are five great reasons to start a career in Early Years;

No two days are ever the same!

If you want a job that has variety, then this is it! No two days are ever the same as each day brings new excitements, adventures and activities. You will use a range of skills and knowledge including safeguarding, health and hygiene, child development and recording data.

It is fun!

Planning activities to give children new experiences is exciting. You get to see the world through a child’s eyes again. You get to have fun and help children develop through play. If your roleplay is on point and you love getting messy, then this is the career for you!

Fulfilment and job satisfaction

Imagine being there for a child’s ‘firsts’ and having them excitedly come to you to share the achievement with you. An Early Years Practitioner also shapes minds and develops young children, moulding their future self. You can use your knowledge of child development to help children grow day in, day out. The satisfaction of teaching a child something new is immeasurable. Furthermore, you are responsible for the happiness of all the children in your care. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you make a child’s life a little brighter!

Flexible Working Hours

A career in Early Years can often give you flexibility over the time and days that you work. There are a variety of roles, settings and paths that you can take. Additionally, some positions give you holidays and hours that fit around your family commitments.

Career Opportunities

There is a great demand in the Early Years sector for committed and hard-working individuals. Furthermore, you can progress quickly. Many former tpm Early Years apprentices have gone on to complete Team Leading apprenticeships with tpm. Once you have achieved your apprenticeship standard, you will have evidence of a wide range of transferrable skills. Beyond team leading and supervision, there are management and or specialist CPD qualification routes for life long learning (CPD). Our tpmOnline learning platform offers over 40 such CPD opportunites at very competitive prices and there are licens options for employers wanting to upskill ther workforce.

If this sounds like a perfect career for you, we have vacancies right now! Call Neil or Tracy at tpm on 0151 709 6000. Or email