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Our use of computers, tablets, phones and other devices has shot up in these weeks of isolation and lockdown. We’re conducting much of our work, communications and entertainment online. But there’s only so much Candy Crush you can play. Only so much Netflix you can watch. Only so many posts you can ‘like’ on Facebook. Like many others across the country, you could use this new-found spare time so much more productively. There’s never been a better opportunity to spend the time to develop yourself or your staff with an accredited CPD course. tpm’s exciting new suite of online learning courses are ideal for anyone who wants to put their time to good use. It is also a fantastic tool for any small business wishing to use this time to develop staff.

Who are these online learning courses for?

With 40 courses to choose from, there is an online learning course available for everyone.

For businesses, it is a great way to get your staff trained up while things are quiet. The courses suit a wide range of settings including further education, childcare, corporate business, hospitality, digital and retail sectors; well anyone really. Employees can work from the safety and comfort of their home and at their own pace. Why not get your staff trained in First Aid? Get them certified in COSHH? Or even ensure they are up to date with health and safety. There are so many benefits for the business and the employee that CPD can bring. At just £35 for each course, it is so cost-effective. Existing clients of tpm are also eligible for a significant discount on all courses. You can also get great savings when enrolling several users and/or enrol on more than one course. The other fantastic benefits of the courses can include:

  • Promoting an Investor in People (IiP) culture of learning and progression within the business
  • Boosting productivity
  • Showing employees that you want to invest in them can boost morale and loyalty
  • Ensures high standards
  • Contributes to growth and success

Online learning for individuals

For individuals, the benefits of taking one or tpm’s online courses are just as good. As well as CPD courses there are courses you can take just because you have an interest in them. It is perfect as a refresher, or as an introduction. For example, perhaps you’ve always wanted to know how to manage stress? Wanted to understand weight management? Or, you fancy getting your finances sorted with a money management course? Benefits for individuals can include:

  • Alleviating boredom
  • Keeping CPD up to date
  • Gaining new skills
  • Being more productive
  • Showing employers you are keen to learn and develop
  • Improving your CV
  • Giving you something to focus on in uncertain times

How do tpm online learning courses work?

The courses are taken at your own pace online. Most of the programmes take approximately 4 hours in total. They are divided into sections to make it more manageable. Some will have an online assessment at the end. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate.

How do I get started?

You can search through available courses and find a course which suits you. Then you can check out the course content and structure and even have a taster. Finally, once you have found your ideal course, you can enrol online, with an immediate start.

So what are you waiting for? Visit to get yourself, or your staff started today!