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tpm Traineeships Are Proven Stepping Stone Onto Apprenticeships

Every year thousands of teenagers leave school hoping to secure an apprenticeship. However, many find it difficult to gain a place. tpm offers a traineeship programme that helps eight out of ten young people get an apprenticeship. Usually, this happens as soon as they complete the course, or within 6 months of finishing.

Catch Twenty Two

Across Liverpool City Region young people find themselves in a catch-22 situation. They can’t get a paid apprenticeship because they don’t have the qualifications or the skills employers require. But they can’t get a job either because they have little or no work experience. Thankfully, tpm provides a solution for dealing with these challenges

tpm’s traineeship programme gets young people ready for the world of work.  As part of the course, tpm tutor Natalie Harris delivers workshops in personal skills and employability. In addition, work experience is a major feature of the programme.

Natalie says:

“Getting actual work experience is crucial for young people.  Consequently, our trainees spend two days a week in the workplace. In addition, they attend workshops at tpm to help them develop the skills employers want. Essentially, the course is tailored to each individual and can last up to 13 weeks.

Progression of Careers

tpm’s traineeships available in three industry sectors. Business administration, hairdressing or childcare. So learners choose a traineeship in their preferred industry. Once they finish, they aim to progress onto an apprenticeship in that same sector.

For example, two recent learners who completed a traineeship at tpm have progressed to employment as paid apprentices. They are both studying for their level 2 childcare qualification.  Hannah Dowell and Corey Moore (pictured) are optimistic about continuing their childcare careers.

Corey told us:

“When I approached tpm I was unemployed.  I’d done a 12 week programme at The Princes Trust that included volunteering and team building sessions. Nevertheless I had no idea what I wanted to do next.”

Corey arranged a meeting with Natalie at tpm. Soon after, he started a work placement with Little Rainbows Nursery in Wallasey.  He says:

“I went on tpm’s 13 week training programme which included lots of work experience. The employability workshops with Natalie were great. They helped build my confidence. I got training on the job and did workshops on interview technique. I accepted the offer of a job at the nursery after just two months of working with the team. So now I’m doing a full time apprenticeship. I’m getting qualified and being paid to work at the same time.”

Corey recommends the traineeship programme to any young person who needs help getting an apprenticeship: “It offers opportunity, experience and support when starting a new career”.

Great for Everyone

Traineeships at tpm work as trial period for both the employer and the trainee. They both get a chance to see if they are suited. tpm conduct regular reviews with the trainee and the employer to make sure things are progressing well. This also increases the likelihood of participants getting a paid apprenticeship.

Kerry, the owner of of Little Rainbows Day Nursery explains

“Traineeships are a great way for us to see the person not the paperwork. We get to see in real terms the passion, commitment and dedication of each trainee. Where they show these qualities, we are able to create an apprenticeship for them. They don’t have to be job-ready when they join. But the right attitude and enthusiasm can lead to the start of their career.”

Participants have their travel costs covered. They get a bus pass for free travel to college and the placement venue. Every person successfully finishing a traineeship receives a certificate of completion. Furthermore, there’s a learner of the month bonus based on trainees’ positive participation.

The Government usually funds traineeships. They are available for 16 to 18 year olds without a level 3 qualification and little or no work experience

Worried about lack of qualifications? Need help to get an apprenticeship? Find out more about traineeships at tpm or contact the Sales Team on 0151 709 6000.

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