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This page contains our cookie policy for tpm (Training Plus Merseyside) It provides information on what cookies are, what kinds of cookies are used on as well as how to switch off cookies or remove them. If after reading this guide you require more information, please email and we will be happy to assist you.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored in your desktop or mobile devices browsers. They are used by websites to remember things about you or store your preferences (for example they might store information that lets them understand who you are so you can remain logged into a user account). Cookies act as a memory for most websites, allowing the website to remember you and provide appropriate responses when you return, or to customise your experience of the site.

What Kinds of Cookies Does use?

We use the following cookies:

Site Functionality Cookies
Third-Party Cookies

Site Functionality Cookies
These cookies are essential for the site to function correctly, they allow the site to remember important information such as whether you are signed in or not, what order you view comments on blog posts or display settings for a page.

Third-Party Cookies
There may be third parties (other organisations) that set their own anonymous cookies, they do this to track successes in the services they offer or to customise your experience. An example of this might be that if you click one of the social media share buttons, the social media platform that provided that button will record the click.

We have no control over, nor access to, these cookies. These other organisations also have no access to our cookies or the data they contain. These third parties will have their own privacy policies that you will be able to view more information.

How do I Turn Cookies Off?
Most browsers offer the functionality required to refuse cookies, whether in general or just for specific websites. You should note however that some cookies are essential for full functionality use of the website. Refusing all cookies may impact your ability to use the site correctly.

Most browsers also allow you to delete cookies you already have, allowing you to remove cookies from your system. Below are help links on cookies from the most popular browsers, you can visit them to provide more information.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

Further Information
For more information about privacy issues, you may wish to visit the website for the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Alternatively feel free to ask us any further questions about cookies on our site at