COVID-19 Home Testing

Did you know that one in three people carrying the Covid-19 virus, do not show any symptoms?

That’s why it’s important that we all do what we can to keep ourselves safe when we’re on site at tpm. The Government have recently issued us with a supply of home testing kits that you can collect from tpm and do in the comfort of your own home; these are sometimes called lateral-flow or LFD tests.

The tests are voluntary, and you won’t be prevented from coming into tpm if you don’t take part. However, preventing transmission of the virus depends hugely on as many of us participating as possible. 

The procedure is simple – here’s everything you need to know:

  • Pick up your home test kit next time you call into tpm. Just ask for Brian Quinn or Janet Smart
  • You’ll be asked to sign for the kits – we have to account for each one
  • You need to perform the test at home twice a week, preferably in the morning before you come to tpm
  • Full instructions on how to use your kit, can be found on YouTube but also refer to the individual leaflet inside each box, as some may differ
  • Leave 3-4 days between tests, so for example, you may decide to do them on a Monday and Thursday each week
  • Check your result after exactly 30 minutes (results are void after this point, so it’s important to be on time)

Logging your results

  • Whether your result is positive, negative or void, you need to log it on the Government website
  • tpm does not have access to your personal data on the Government website, so you need to let us know your result too. Please email confirming whether your result is negative or positive. Rest assured that this information will remain strictly confidential.

If you test positive

If you test negative

  • Carry on as normal
  • Observe the usual distancing and Hands-Face-Space guidelines 
  • Continue testing twice a week

If your result is void

  • You will need to carry out another test, using a brand-new kit. Do not re-use kits
  • If you get two void results in a row, book a full test at your local centre or drive-thru station

The staff onsite at tpm will also be using home testing kits on a regular basis. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Brian or Janet in confidence – we are all in this together.