Learner in lockdown Lydia embraces virtual learning

Another inspiring story about a tpm learner in lockdown!
Remember: lockdown doesn’t have to mean a break in learning!

Apprentice Lydia Barnes works at Little Angels Nursery and is completing her level 2 childcare apprenticeship with tpm. Although her nursery is still open, it is only open to the children of key workers. Despite not being able to attend the tpm training centre, Lydia is striding ahead with her apprenticeship training. For the lockdown period, tpm is providing all its training programmes virtually so apprentices and other learners can progress as usual. This includes regular zoom sessions with tutors.

Remote learning

At first, Lydia was concerned with how she would get on with remote learning:

“I was a bit worried because I’m the type of learner that prefers direct instruction. Reading through lots of material isn’t really my thing. I was also worried that I wouldn’t have access to the help I normally do from my tpm tutor.”


Lydia’s concerns soon dissipated when she realised she would continue to get great one-to-one support from her tutor virtually. She was also relieved that resources created for her by tpm tutors suit one of her preferred methods of learning: listening.

“My tpm teacher, Natalie, made podcasts to help us during lockdown. These go through everything, step by step, just like Nathalie would if I was in a normal session with her at tpm. The podcasts gave me the confidence to work through things myself at home.

“I’ve also had the support of my tpm tutors, Loretta and Stephen. They’ve always been helpful to me. I can be a bit of a worrier and they are always there for me. That hasn’t changed in lockdown. When I was struggling to get on to an online session, Loretta rang me and explained how to access it. All the staff at tpm still have time for me and still give me all the support I need.”

Regular check-ins with for every learner in lockdown

Lydia is now well on her way to completing her course, and has just finished a module on partnership working. She is getting to grips with podcasts, and remote online sessions. She finds it particularly helpful that staff regularly check in on her and other learners through the e-portfolio and online platform. With her determination and positive, happy attitude, along with the continued support of her tutors, Lydia will have no problem continuing as a successful learner in lockdown and beyond.