emma jane

Outstanding team leader apprentice steps up as early years key worker

Lockdown has had no negative impact on tpm team leader apprentice, Emma Jane Webster. The opposite is true. When the going got tough, Emma Jane got going!

Like everyone, Emma Jane had concerns about the lockdown. As a Team Leader apprentice, Emma Jane was eager to get on with her course. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to access the course from home. Emma Jane was also concerned about how it would affect her job at Old School House Nursery in Liverpool. Her fears soon lifted, though.

Aiming to be #tpmOnTarget

This Team Leader Apprenticeship is the first course Emma Jane has undertaken with tpm. In particular, she is impressed with the level of support she has received. tpm has challenged all learners to be on, or above target by the end of lockdown. All learners have received extensive help from their teachers and tutors. Additionally, all learners have had access to innovative resources online. Consequently, Emma Jane has been able to continue her learning despite the lockdown.

“I worried about how training would work if we couldn’t do anything face to face. My tutor Laura was so helpful, though. It’s true to say she has gone out of her way. Often I’ve had to contact her at unusual times of the day because of my working hours. Despite this, she always replies. She’s made sure I have everything I need.”

Emma Jane’s tutor, Laura, couldn’t be happier with Emma Jane’s progress. So much so that she nominated her for ‘Team Leader Apprentice of the Month’ for May 2020. Laura explains why she chose Emma Jane:

“Emma Jane has worked throughout the lockdown as a keyworker. She has shown excellent skills by continuing to work and continuing her learning. I’m impressed that she has responded so well with her work on module 2. Emma Jane has almost completed her theory on module 2. She has shown the ability to carry out research and link theories into her answers.”

Stepping Up!

Emma Jane isn’t just excelling in her learning. She has continued working too! Many childcare providers closed when the lockdown began.  However, the government announced that some nurseries would remain open for children of key workers. Old School House decided to stay open for those children, with a skeleton staff to look after them, tpm team leader apprentice Emma Jane eagerly volunteered to carry on working.

“For me, it made sense to come in. Some members of staff are vulnerable or have children. I’m not at risk and my family aren’t either. I don’t have any children myself, and I live very close to the nursery, so I can walk to work instead of using public transport. So it made sense to put myself forward to continue working. I also wanted to keep busy as the idea of being stuck doing nothing at home didn’t appeal much.”

As a result of continuing as a key worker, Emma Jane has had the opportunity to do things that she may not have had otherwise. With just three other members of staff working through the lockdown, Emma Jane has stepped up. Old School House owner, Bev Neil, couldn’t be prouder:

“Emma Jane has been amazing. She’s been a great support, rising to the challenge, despite being thrown in at the deep end. Day to day in the nursery has been hectic, but Emma Jane has excelled. She has been reading the latest documentation to ensure we were following up to date guidelines. Also, she kept us up to date with developments from organisations such as Public Health England. It has been so helpful for us.”

During lockdown, Emma Jane and her co-workers have made videos of themselves singing for children who were desperately missing coming to nursery. Emma Jane and her colleague Laura even dressed up as characters and visited the children outside their homes. Furthermore, Emma Jane has also kept parents up to date over the phone, email and via social media.

And there is a bright future ahead for Emma Jane. In a nursery committed to the CPD of all of their employees, the sky is the limit!