tpm toolkit and webinar supports COVID-safe return to work

As ever, tpm is here to support its apprenticeship employers through this challenging period and beyond. We’ve put together a toolkit to support the sector’s COVID-safe return to work which we’ll be launching via webinar on June 4 at 16.30. The toolkit consists of services available to our apprenticeship employers through tpm and its associates. Mainly, it reflects the areas we have been concentrating on over the past few weeks in our drive to support our employers and apprentices:

Focussed one-to-one support for apprentices and employers

Keeping in touch with apprenticeship employers has been a priority during lockdown. Our newsletter, direct phone calls and Coronavirus-update-webpages have been our communication strategy, whilst many businesses were closed and their staff furloughed. Additionally, we are currently surveying every employer we provide services to. Our priority is to find out what further support we can offer, both for your apprentices and for the organisation as a whole.

We have been in constant contact with your apprentices; the vast majority of whom continue to access teaching, learn effectively and progress. Our challenge all along to staff was for every learner to remain on or get ahead of their off-the-job learning targets over the past two months, using virtual platforms and having regular input from their teachers, trainers and support staff.

We have recently sent them our tpm apprentice return to work guidance with clear instructions to speak directly to their employer in the first instance but that tpm are here for additional support if required.

If you need to speak to a member of the team, just call, email or reach out via social media.

Keeping up to date with guidance

Our employers can rest assured we are fully up to speed with latest government guidance as documented in Preparing For The Wider Opening of Early Years and Childcare Settings, and HABIA Back to Work Guidelines, and other relevant policy. The tpm team are keeping abreast of the changes as they break and are aware of the challenges faced by the early years, hair and beauty, and business sectors. Staff safety and wellbeing, client communications and retention are all very important factors, as they are for us as your provider. We will be liaising with you over your arrangements for returning to or stepping up from key worker status and we will be setting out our arrangements and plans for covid-secure, centre-based operations in the week ahead.

Mental health support for apprentices

Through speaking to you, we know employee engagement and support is one of the things at the top of your agenda. Apprentices, like other staff, are likely to be anxious about changes within the organisation, and nervous about the return to work. Indeed, some may also be dealing with bereavement. Don’t forget tpm has a team of trained mental health champions who are available to offer wellbeing guidance and signposting services.

Mental wellbeing is more relevant now than it has ever been. We read that anxiety and depression are soaring, particularly in the younger generation. Over the past few weeks, tpm has been working with Lin Hankinson of What If You Can to support apprentices. Lin has produced several wellbeing and motivational mind-coaching videos exclusively for tpm. Recently, we have shared these with apprentices via email and social media. Apprentices also have the option of undertaking our four-hour tpm online course in Mental Health Awareness free of charge.

Health and Safety offer plus free certified training on infection control

To help boost knowledge and confidence, your tpm apprentices are eligible for our four-hour online CPD certified training course on infection control. Furthermore, this new online short course is available to all your non-apprentice employees at half price for existing tpm employers – just £17.50.  The training will assist staff in understanding and adhering to the principles of reducing the transmission of infection, so enhancing the impact of your risk assessment.

Still in the realm of health and safety, tpm has teamed up with Alex Warner of LCS Health and Safety Solutions to provide us with expert one-to-one support for our risk assessments as part of our safe return to the workplace. Alex will be featured in our webinar next week with some tips for ensuring risk assessments are robust and fit for purpose.

Apprenticeships: It’s business as usual

Finally, don’t forget our apprenticeship recruitment and training services are still fully available. At our webinar, we’ll be explaining exactly how things are working to deliver the same high results, include online enrolment and virtual learning for apprentices. Remember, post-COVID, apprenticeships can be a crucial way of re-engaging with your workforce and ensuring everyone focusses on the same goals. tpm tutors will be working with apprentices to identify how their training can help them make positive contributions in the workplace. For example, working on new projects to improve safety and communications post-COVID.

We look forward to you joining us at the tpm webinar next week when we will:

  • go into full detail about the services available to you in our tpm safe return to work toolkit
  • discuss the three biggest challenges to post-COVID return to work
  • share strategies and tips for safe working