Remote Learning

At tpm, we are doing all we can to support learners and employers with remote learning and ensure all learners progress if they are unable to attend college due to extenuating circumstances such as was the case with the Covid-19 related national lockdown.

This page explains how to remotely access the teaching and learning that we would normally deliver at our learning centre. It also tells you how you can access support and information resources. Please note that remote learning is an option only where face-to-face learning is not available such as due to periods of national lockdown.


Remote platforms and apps

Smart Assessor

smart assessor app
tpm learners will mostly be using a platform called Smart Assessor. To help get you online for any live remote lessons, we have created a video explaining exactly how to do this.

How to log-in to Smart Assessor

When you joined your tpm programme, you received an email with your log-in details. Use these to log into Smart Assessor. This short video shows you how.

How to join a Smart Session

If you have not joined a smart learning session before or have forgotten how, this short video shows you how.


Smart Employer

smart employer app
Employers can participate fully and track learner progress using Smart Employer.

How to log-in to Smart Employer

Employers, when your apprentice joined the programme, you received an email with your log-in details. Use these to log into Smart Employer. This short video shows you how. If you don’t have login details, any tpm representative can help you with these. Just give us a call!



Zoom Meeting App
Before you start, it’s a good idea to have ‘Smart Assessor’ and ‘Zoom’ pre-loaded on your device. These are free apps available in the usual App stores and only take a couple of minutes to download.


Support, training and assessment visits from your personal trainer

During lockdown periods workplace visits may become difficult, especially in the early years sector where settings are minimising visitors to sustain Covid-resistant environments. Similarly, where employees are furloughed or working from home. Please don’t worry as your personal trainer will proceed with your personalised schedule of training assessment and support wherever possible, via remote means.

Who can attend the tpm training centre in person?

Learning and support staff who are required to ensure the education of the children of key workers and those learners who are considered vulnerable and who cannot work remotely from home.

Vulnerable learners

We can arrange personal (socially distanced) support teaching or examinations in the tpm centre for you if you meet any of the following:

  • you have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • are receiving additional learning or social support from tpm
  • have a specific learning difference or disability (SEND)

Your tpm teacher/trainer and our Learner Support Coordinator will probably have already discussed this with you and scheduled what you need.


Examinations for functional skills must happen following strictly enforced Covid-resistant procedures. To meet these requirements, some planned examinations may already have been moved to a different date.

tpm has more than adequate human and technical resources to meet with the Government’s current Covid-safe standards. So any examinations planned and agreed with your teachers and support staff will go ahead. In this way, the need to take an examination should not hold up your progression or access to secured employment.

Access to specialist equipment, devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning

We have consulted with all tpm learners we believe may be affected in some way by lack of access to devices, connectivity or a suitable learning environment. We have loaned laptops, provided occupational tools, products and resources for practice at home. We have provided guidance on how best to stay safe, engaged and behave in remote learning throughout lockdown.

If for any reason you are having difficulty in respect of one of these matters, please contact your personal trainer or our learner support coordinator without delay or call 0151 709 6000. Our lines are open during regular office hours.