apprenticeships levy

5 reasons to choose tpm as your Apprenticeships training partner

Since Government funding changes were put in place earlier this year, some employers are now liable to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. This is a percentage of their total wages bill which must be paid each year towards the cost of putting their staff on Apprenticeships. The money is held in an online account and if the employer doesn’t use it, they lose it 24 months later.

Many employers don’t have to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. This means that they can access quality Apprenticeships training for their staff and actually pay very little or even nothing towards the cost. So regardless of whether or not an employer has to pay the Apprenticeships Levy, it makes sense for them to find a good training organisation and start implementing Apprenticeships training in their business. If they don’t, at worst they are losing money if they are levy payers, and at best missing out on heavily subsidised industry standard training if they are non-levy payers.

tpm are one of the most successful, progressive Apprenticeships providers in Liverpool City Region boasting an excellent track record in working with employers. Here’s 5 reasons you should choose tpm as your partner in Apprenticeships.

1. tpm is on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

This means we are approved by the Government to deliver Apprenticeships. Being on the register means we have gone through a formal application process, and due diligence checks have been carried out on both our organisation and our directors. Our organisation’s financial health has been examined and approved, as has our ability to deliver high quality Apprenticeships training

2. tpm will identify whether you are liable for the Apprenticeships Levy and tell you how much you have to pay towards Apprenticeship training

Approximately half of employers are still not aware of whether they must pay the Apprenticeship Levy, and if they are, how much they have to pay. We will clarify this for you and provide you with a personalised statement free of charge, with no obligation to use tpm as your Apprenticeship provider. If you are not a Levy payer, this means you will pay either 10% of the cost of training, or nothing at all.

3. tpm will explain all your responsibilities as an Apprenticeship employer and support you in meeting them

Having delivered Apprenticeships training for 16 years, we understand the funding, operational and reporting responsibilities that the Government expects employers to meet. We support all our employers by clearly explaining their responsibilities relating to Apprenticeships funding. With the benefit of our experience, we can provide expert advice and support on best practice for Apprenticeships delivery and the pitfalls to avoid. This saves employers time and money, and helps them through the learning curve.

4. Experience

tpm has been delivering high quality Apprenticeships training for 16 years. Our training courses have been developed in close consultation with employers and are constantly revised and upgraded to meet the changing demands of the industry sectors we specialise in. We provide one-to-one support to apprentices throughout their apprenticeship, working closely with them to ensure they meet the required standards of the qualifications and develop the skills needed to perform their jobs with competence, bringing productivity and tangible benefits to the organisation where they work. Our results speak for themselves – last year 78% of apprentices achieved their qualification with tpm.

5. Employers rate us highly

We support over 130 employers in the recruitment of apprentices and delivery of their training. Each year, the Government conduct a survey assessing our employer clients’ views of tpm. The results of this survey are consistently high. Last year 96% of our employers rated our performance as 9 out of 10. Here are some more detailed results from the survey:

  • 97% gave us a score of 9 out of 10 for delivery training that reflects up to date practices in employers’ industry sectors
  • 96% gave us a score of 9 out of 10 for the professionalism of staff delivering training and assessment
  • 95% gave us a score of 9 out of 10 for flexibility in meeting employer needs, and for understanding their businesses’ training needs

tpm is the ideal partner for employers wanting to implement Apprenticeships training in their business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.