Toolkit Launched To Boost Diversity of Apprentices

Research by The Social Mobility Commission has uncovered disadvantage gaps at every step of the apprenticeship journey. The problems span from the initial selection process to the lack of socio-economic data held by employers. All have an impact on the diversity of apprentices.

Notably, the organisation has been working with a range of representatives from the Apprenticeship arena to tackle the problem. As a result they have produced a document outlining the very latest thinking and evidenced recommendations. They have done this in the hope that it will help improve the diversity of those starting apprenticeships.

Recommendations to increase diversity of apprentices

The 82-page document adopts the form of a toolkit and is an excellent resource for tpm employers. In particular, it sets out recommendations and suggests steps to help counter the lack of diversity among apprenticeship starts. For instance, the recommendations include: collating data on the socio-economic background of apprentices and offering apprenticeships to all existing staff, as well as offering support like covering travel and childcare costs for apprentice applicants who they interview.

The toolkit is available for free here. Importantly, it features a section about ‘must have’ interventions. It also discusses data, culture and leadership, outreach, hiring, progression and advocacy.

Tips and guidance

The Social Mobility Commission says:

“This toolkit is a roadmap for anyone working in apprenticeships and who is committed to improving socio-economic diversity and inclusion – whether you are starting on this journey or want to develop your strategy further. Wherever you are, we hope the tips, guidance and encouragement offered [in the toolkit] will help you make changes in your organisation that will benefit the wider society and the economy.”

Finally, the report includes a comprehensive list of additional sources of guidance and support that tpm employers will find helpful.

The Social Mobility Commission monitors progress towards improving social mobility in the UK and promotes social mobility in England. It is an independent statutory body created by an Act of Parliament.