tpm works ‘smart’ with e-portfolio software

Smart Assessor’s e-portfolio software allows tpm learners to keep a secure, online record of skills, knowledge and progress on all areas of their apprenticeship standard. This new and innovative tracking software tracks every detail of a learner’s journey at the click of a button. As a result, tpm has facilitated the elimination of paper-based portfolios, offering more flexibility for learners, employers and staff.

A solution to new challenges

The last 18 months have brought many new challenges to learners, employers and tpm staff. Remote learning became the new norm as lockdown meant learners could not attend the centre. Additionally, apprenticeship standards replaced the old apprenticeship frameworks. A top priority for tpm has been to help learners and employers with this transitional period. Moreover, tpm are committed to continually improving provision. Furthermore, tpm utilise emerging best practice to provide flexibility in learning and attendance.

Providing flexible learning

As learning moved online during Covid lockdown, Smart Assessor allowed learners to access their off-the-job training remotely. Teachers and trainers could easily engage with learners and employers. Consequently, disruption to learning was reduced. What’s more, Smart Assessor connects seamlessly with Zoom to allow virtual lessons and meetings.

Learners access a learner dashboard where they see what aspects and tasks they have to complete. Additionally, there is a progress widget, resources and support. Employers will also have access to see all of their employees enrolled on tpm courses. Importantly, employers can see learners progress and can also upload witness testimonies. Employers can even communicate with the learner and assessor via the platform. Both learners and employers can access Smart Assessor on a computer and an app on a mobile device, both offline and securely on the web. Consequently, Smart Assessor makes learning with tpm flexible.

Supporting new standards

From August 1st 2020, the old frameworks ceased to be available. Those that hadn’t already been replaced by the new apprenticeship standards, went live from this date for all new learners. The key difference is that assessment of knowledge, skills and behaviours comes at the end of the programme when apprentices pass “gateway” a approximate 3 month process when they prepare their endpoint assessments. As they must show that they can carry out all aspects of their job, apprentices need to record their progress throughout the programme. Smart Assessor is the perfect way to track progress throughout the standard. Employers can also check this progress at all times.

Benefits for all

IQA Lead for tpm, Paula Ebden, believes that Smart Assessor has potential benefits for all stakeholders:

“Smart Assessor has given tpm more scope. It is a bigger arena than our previous portfolio system. It provides staff, learners and employers with more flexibility and functionality. For example, learners can access previous resources and lessons at any time, to refresh and retain their knowledge. They can record classes and meetings and go back to them. It also allows learners to record and track their progress with ease.”

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