Dan Bowler
Dan Bowler
HMPO (Her Majesty’s Passport Office)
Intermediate Apprenticeship Business & Administration / Advanced Apprenticeship Business & Administration

Dan did a school work placement at tpm, and later, he joined the tpm team as an administrative assistant. Whilst he worked with us, he completed his intermediate and advanced business & administration apprenticeships. He was a much-valued member of the team.

Programmes completed at tpm

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship Business & Administration
  • Advanced Apprenticeship Business & Administration

Current employer and position

Dan now works as administration assistant at HMPO (Her Majesty’s Passport Office) based in Birkdale, Southport. It is part of the Home Office, which is part of the Civil Service.

A bit about Dan’s employer

Dan says:

“As well as being a small Passport Office, mainly as an overflow or extra helping hand for the Liverpool Passport Office in Moorfields if they get extremely busy, HMPO Southport is also home to the GRO (General Register Office). The GRO is mainly involved in the production of birth, death and marriage certificates. I have been involved in all aspects of the Passport Office / GRO as there are so many departments to work for!”

How my tpm apprenticeship helped me

Dan says:

“I am very computer literate and good with technology generally. For example, I always help my colleagues by trying to fix printer jams. I am also good with Microsoft Office and good with being able to use the relevant pieces of software that I use in my role. I am very sociable and always polite and happy as I go round the offices handing work out. I believe it is always very important to look forward to coming to work, to enjoy my job and be in a good mood and talk nicely to all my colleagues.

“All of this has stemmed from the enjoyable time I spent at TPM and has helped me become the person I am today. :)”