tpm has adopted the Association of Employers and Learning Providers (AELP) Code of Good Governance for Independent Training Providers. Our daily operations are underpinned with governance provided by a competent, skilled and highly experienced team of leads. This is supported by an external team of Certified Chartered Accountants, V&R Accountancy Services.

This is supported by external accountancy expertise from Liverpool-renowned accountants Alexander Myerson and Co. Limited. Established in 1936 their enviable reputation was acquired for providing excellent business advice to clients.

Also, we have five independent external governors who provide specialist professional support in different fields. These individuals contribute to the organisation’s governance by undertaking drop-in observations, speaking and listening to stakeholders (including learners and employers), meeting with the board of directors and senior management team, and providing specialist advice based on their area of expertise.

Our external governors are:

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