Applying the 7 Themes of the AeLP Code of Good Governance for Independent Training Providers

Company leaders and governors will be reviewing tpm‘s self-assessment and quality improvement plans in conjunction with the seven themes of the AeLP Code of Good Governance for Independent Training Providers as well as Ofsted’s newly published Education Inspection Framework (EIF September 2019) . This will enable us to decide on the best course of action to maintain a viable provision and the improvement and growth of the business against its ambition and mission. The seven themes are as follows:

  1. Strategy and Leadership
    Formulate and agree on the vision and strategy including defining the ethos and policies of the provider
  2. Corporate Structures, Accountability, and Roles
    Provide clarity between the governance board, chief executive and management team
  3. Financial Strategy and Audit
    Adopt a financial strategy and funding plans which are compatible with the duty to ensure sustainability and solvency of the provider
  4. Teaching and Learning Outcomes for Learners
    Ensure exceptional teaching, training, and learning by adopting effective underpinning policies and systems including the monitoring of performance data which also encourage the learner and employer voice
  5. Equality and Diversity, and Safeguarding
    Meet and aim to exceed its statutory responsibilities for equality and diversity and for ensuring that all learners are safe
  6. Transparency
    Demonstrate assurance that public funds are well spent, the board will be transparent and openly accountable
  7. Effective Governance
    Determine effective governance arrangements, regularly reviewing governance performance and effectiveness