Governance developments at tpm

In September 2018, tpm welcomed the Association of Employers and Learning Providers (AELP), Code of Good Governance for Independent Training Providers and began a process of onboarding the spirit of the code’s values and themes where these fitted with the size and nature of the organisation.

Throughout 2019 tpm’s leaders have worked with key stakeholders and professional supporters of the agency to adopt the code and appoint external governance in line with the code’s values and themes. A highly experienced non-Executive Director (Prof. Matt Wilson) and local business expert and entrepreneur was appointed in June. Since then 4 additional expert professionals have joined the agency’s governance team, with specialisms in Child Protection and safeguarding, Language, literacy, ESOL and curriculum, early years provision and employment and Neurodiversity.

The governance team will work with tpm‘s leaders and SMT to ensure they achieve their high ambitions for all stakeholders by ensuring the organisations self-assessment and quality improvement plans stretch the impact of their services from good to great.