tpm apprentices watch Alan Henry demonstrating hair techniques at the masterclass

Industry expert Alan Henry delivers masterclass for tpm hairdressing apprentices

tpm apprentices were treated to an inspiring hairdressing masterclass last week delivered by industry expert Alan Henry. As a result, they learned new styling techniques and a plethora of professional tips for careers in hair design.

The masterclass is just one of the many new features of tpm’s enhanced programme of training for apprentices and other trainees. Guest speakers like Alan add a different dimension to the schedule of learning, making it more varied and interesting for learners, as well as providing valuable industry insight. Indeed, Alan has a wealth of diverse and high profile experience with over 25 years in the hairdressing business. For example, he was responsible for creating many of Lanza UK’s most inspirational looks when he was their artistic stylist. It was, therefore, a great privilege for our apprentices and learners to hear his thoughts on the industry.

Masterclass delivered skills and industry insight

Alan’s masterclass covered a wide range of topics focussing on improving practice including;

  • The importance of professional development throughout a career.
  • Identifying areas of skill and practice that require improvement or development
  • Setting personal and professional goals
  • Using peer learning to develop
  • Reacting positively to constructive criticism

Masterclass as a tool of enhanced learning

The masterclass was incredibly beneficial for everyone who attended. tpm hairdressing tutor Helen Carroll emphasised the importance of masterclasses and the enhanced programme of learning at tpm;

‘Collaborating with Alan was very informative for the learners. This is because they were able to engage with an industry expert. The masterclass format is a useful alternative tool for delivering skills and knowledge. We find using diverse learning formats helps with learner attention and engagement. 

“Alan spoke to the learners about different career paths in the industry and he shared the details of his journey with them. Alan encouraged them to explore their strengths and demonstrated how to set personal goals to enhance their skills and help them develop.”

Learners considered career goals as part of masterclass

Learners found the masterclass helped them to consider their career and goals as well as areas they’d like to develop. One tpm hairdressing apprentice found the guidance on constructive criticism especially helpful;

Before starting my apprenticeship I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I get lots of praise from my workplace and tutors and this has helped me gain confidence. I do still struggle with constructive criticism at times though because I’m a worrier. Alan’s masterclass has helped me think about it differently and I feel much more positive.’

Other apprentices and learners who attended the masterclass agreed that they gained useful pointers. Another tpm hairdressing apprentice explained how it helped her;

‘I got a lot from the masterclass. It is great to hear from someone who has so much experience in the industry and is so respected. It was fantastic to see a pro in action and to hear how he creates his styles and methods. Also, it’s great to see different techniques; I can’t wait to try them. Getting career advice from someone like Alan is so helpful. Actually, I had no idea there were so many pathways and careers in hairdressing’

Motivated to achieve goals

It wasn’t just hairdressing staff and learners who felt that they benefitted, however. A tpm learner on a different course described how she found Alan inspiring;

‘I don’t do the hairdressing course but I thought that many of the issues that Alan discussed were relevant to everyone. It was good for anyone who may be starting a career or wanting to improve themselves. I got a lot out of it because Alan made me feel comfortable to ask questions and now I am looking forward to using some of his ideas. I feel motivated about setting myself goals and achieving them.

Alan’s masterclass was the first of many exciting sessions scheduled for learners over the next few months. This is part of the newly enhanced programme developed by tpm over the summer. Future sessions include career counselling, more guest speakers from local industry and advice on money from financial advisors.

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