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Learner support critical for apprenticeship success

The support a learner receives is critical to apprenticeship success. If they are left floundering on their own, their progress usually grinds to a halt. Younger apprentices sometimes encounter a hurdle in their job or training. As a result they can just stop turning up to work. Apprentices have different support needs. Some simply need encouragement to overcome shyness whilst others have more specific requirements. For example, some have visual difficulties and therefore need coloured overlays for reading.

Help in the workplace

At tpm, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding support to apprentices. Each apprentice has their needs assessed at the beginning of their programme because this allows us to plan in the individual support they need. Apprentices can lack the confidence to speak up about their needs at work. So we always liaise with their employer to ensure they get help in the workplace.

Molly is a bright and promising 19 year-old. She has always wanted to work with children with disabilities. Since leaving St. Edmund Arrowsmith in June 2015, Molly has flourished with the support of tpm. First she developed her skills on a traineeship. She then achieved a level 2 apprenticeship in childcare. She has recently completed her level 3 apprenticeship employed at The Old School House Nursery.  


Molly faced numerous challenges throughout her training. She often feels uncomfortable in large groups because she is easily distracted. This is frustrating for her. As tpm know, she can lose interest quickly, and is therefore sometimes reluctant to attend classes. Because we knew about her issues, tpm could provide the support and encouragement she needed at critical times. Consquently there were fewer barriers to achieving her qualifications.

Molly was supported by our learner support co-ordinator who listened to her concerns. tpm helped her overcome challenges and celebrated her successes with her. We gave Molly her own room for exams in order to minimise distraction. Furthermore, we kept in touch with her regularly by phone throughout her training programmes.

Bright future

Learner support coordinator, Louise Hazley explains how Molly directly benefited from the support provided by tpm:

“It was truly amazing to see Molly blossom. Her attendance improved dramatically and most importantly, she was more eager to learn. She passed both her ICT and Maths L2 exam first time. Working with her on a regular basis, we helped her build her confidence and learn new skills. She’s now qualified with a bright future.”

For more information about how tpm supports its apprentices and other learners please contact Louise Hazley