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Cyberfrog sees the benefits of tpm online courses

Staff at web design company Cyberfrog recently undertook a selection of tpm online courses and were pleased to vouch for their quality and relevance.

In the first three months of lockdown, 23% of the UK’s workforce was on furlough. Many businesses closed their doors until further notice. However, some companies were able to change the way they work to allow staff to work from home. Despite challenging times, there have been opportunities to reflect, evaluate and regenerate. Additionally, the pandemic has seen people stop, take stock and plan for the future. As a result, many people have undertaken some form of continuous professional development (CPD). Consequently, tpm‘s online CPD courses have been popular during this time.

tpm online has something for everyone

There are over 40 tpm online courses to choose from, which means there’s something for everyone. From First Aid to Food Safety, Safeguarding to Stress Management: everyone can benefit. Moreover, the courses are easily accessible and are entirely online. There is an auto-enrolment with an immediate start. As a nationally recognised CPD course, they are a great way to upskill a workforce. Every learner receives an e-certificate upon completion of their programme. Consequently, they are also a great way to enhance a CV.

The courses are simple to follow and well-structured. The course is broken down into manageable sections, making it easier to navigate. In fact, you can follow the syllabus at your own pace. Indeed, you can complete the course in as little as four hours, or over several weeks. The online programmes cater for people wanting an introduction to a subject, and those who need a knowledge refresher. Furthermore, at just £35 per subject, they are a cost-effective way to gain CPD. Also, existing tpm clients and learners are entitled to exclusive special offers.

Delivering CPD during Lockdown

Sue, at Cyberfrog Designs, could immediately see the benefits for her staff. Cyberfrog is a web design company based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool. They are committed to continually developing their team and looking to the future. Sue began looking for ways to deliver CPD during lockdown:

“While it has been a difficult time for businesses in the region, at Cyberfrog, we were determined to try and create something positive out of the experience. The enforced downtime has allowed us to focus on further training and development for our staff. This is something that we see as crucial to the continuing growth of the business. Unfortunately, it can be a struggle to fit into a normal busy working week. This was a perfect opportunity to have that time set aside.”

The breadth of courses available via tpm Online immediately impressed Sue. Additionally, she was surprised at how affordable they are. Sue enrolled some of her staff members with excellent results. She is now looking forward to using the online management programme to help with the company’s succession planning.

Insightful Courses

One of the members of staff at Cyberfrog benefitting from the courses is Beth. Beth has already completed five programmes. She has focused on First Aid Zone 1-4 and Leading and Motivating a Team. Beth enjoyed her learning, particularly Leading and Motivating a Team:

“I found this management course to be extremely insightful. It explained the variations in management style and how best to apply them to my current role. It also helped me to understand how to recognise traits in people that indicate which management style to use. As a result, I can help my staff achieve their greatest potential.”

Furthermore, tpm’s online learning platform was easy to access and use. Beth found the website straightforward to navigate and the courses simple to follow. Also, she particularly liked the links for suggested further reading. Beth has taken advantage of the links and has used them to continue her professional development. She is looking forward to using her new knowledge in her workplace and her future career.

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