Stephen Clark



Steven Clark

Courses I teach

A bit about me
I completed an apprenticeship and advanced apprenticeship after leaving school, then a certificate of HE education followed by a BA in Theology. I’ve worked in nurseries, schools, afterschool and breakfast club facilities, including roles as supervisor and equality officer specialising in working with babies and under 2s. I’ve been with tpm for over a decade, working in assessment and teaching roles.

My teaching style
I want to give every learner a positive experience of teaching and learning as many have had negative experiences of school or college. I believe that learning comes from collective experience led by the learners, and I aim to facilitate this. I use examples of my own positive and negative experiences in my teaching.

My interests
Reading, world religions (I am a Buddhist), meditating, football, boxing and walking/hiking with my dog, spending time with my family.