tpm staff member claire naughton sitting at pc smiling

Celebrating 22 Years at tpm – Progression as important for staff as for learners

Gone are the days where a job was ‘for life.’ Instead, the average UK worker changes their position of employment every five years. In fact, a survey showed nearly half of all millennials are planning to leave their job within the next two years. That’s why it is incredibly special when an employee stays with a company for over twenty years. Claire Naughton is one such employee, having worked for tpm for an incredible 22 years and achieved outstanding progression within the company!

An Impressive Progression

Claire joined tpm in 1997. Her job was to enter learner information onto a database as evidence for apprenticeship funding. She gradually worked her way up to become the manager of the department and then moved into finance. She is now the Finance Manager and Company Accountant responsible for all company accounting processes and payroll. Claire is also responsible for Management Information Systems (MIS) and learner data.

Practising What We Preach!

Claire’s progression within the company has been due to her hard work and dedication, combined with tpm‘s commitment to supporting her development. As well as facilitating the progress of all learners, tpm ensures the fulfilment and progression of staff. tpm commits to invest in all of their team, thereby practising what they preach. When Claire started working at tpm, she began an NVQ in Business Administration herself at tpm and has gone on to gain a variety of qualifications. Her qualifications now include Chartered Accountancy (AAT Level 4 and CIMA Level 7), Business Administration and Customer Service. Claire has completed courses in ECDL, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity, CEOP, Disability Awareness, Prevent, Fire Marshalling and Coaching and Mentoring. This encouragement to progress within the company has meant the Claire has felt challenged and fulfilled professionally and personally.

A Changing Company

Claire has seen many changes in tpm over the years. The company has shifted from a focus primarily on hairdressing apprenticeships to include other apprenticeships. Although tpm still works with some of the region’s top salons and offers them training, business admin and childcare have taken off. More recently, tpm have launched Team Leading Apprenticeships to offer further progression for learners. Claire also reflects on how tpm has changed;

“We have always been learner-focused, but it’s fair to say that in recent years, tpm has also developed an acute understanding of the business needs of our employer clients. We work very closely with them, like HR consultants, to show them how to effectively use apprenticeships to grow and prosper, demonstrating how apprenticeships link directly to business success.”

The company has also expanded. When Claire started, there were only a handful of people working for tpm, and now there are 26. The company continues to look for ways to improve and has recently welcomed a new governance team.

Progression Means Job Satisfaction

As well as offering Claire career progression and development, there are many other reasons why she has wanted to stay at tpm. Claire explains;

“The best thing about working at tpm is the people I get to work with every day. The managers are supportive too. Also, knowing that you are working for a company that changes people’s lives for the better. That’s real job satisfaction!”