team leading course liverpool

Apprenticeship in Team Leading and Supervising

This apprenticeship is suited to staff who have responsibility for managing projects, team members and resources to meet organisational goals, or staff who are aiming for these roles.

Qualifications: You will gain a level 3 apprenticeship in team leading and supervising. If your schedule allows, you can opt to study for an additional qualification in parallel (level 3 diploma in management skills and knowledge).

Duration: 12 to 18 months

Training: A programme of structured on and off-the-job training. On-the-job training includes practicing team leading skills in your workplace, work-shadowing team leaders, being mentored and other activities. You spend 20% of your working time undertaking off-the-job learning activities such as training seminars both in the workplace and at tpm’s training centre, webinars and self-directed learning.

Support: You will have a tpm personal trainer who will support you by phone and email. They visit you in the workplace every 6 weeks to review progress and identify any specific support you need.

Course content

This apprenticeship will give you a full portfolio of professional skills, behaviours and knowledge required to be an effective team leader including:

  • Leading and managing people
  • Building relationships
  • Communications
  • Operational management
  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Decision making
  • Taking responsibilities
  • Managing self-development

Apprenticeship journey

Step 1 Initial assessment
This is a pre-course review where your trainer will accredit your prior learning and achievements. This is so you don’t undertake training for skills you already have. Your trainer will ask you about any learning difference you have eg dyslexia, so they can put additional training support in place.

Step 2 Training
This is the main phase of your apprenticeship when you undertake your programme of on and off-the-job training. Through skills sessions at the tpm training centre, you will develop theory, knowledge and professional behaviours. You will also undertake regular mock assessments to test your competence.

Step 3 Gateway
This is a point towards the end of your apprenticeship when you engage in discussions and decision-making sessions with your trainer and your employer to assess whether you are ready for your end point assessment or whether you need additional training.

Step 4 End Point Assessment
This is the last stage of your apprenticeship, where the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours you have acquired will be assessed by the end point assessor organisation. You will prepare and deliver a presentation followed by a question and answer session. In addition, you will undergo an interview focussed on the portfolio you build throughout your apprenticeship. The interview is designed to demonstrate your competencies through professional discussions.


After you have completed this apprenticeship you can progress onto a level 5 operations or departmental qualification.