tpm associates

tpm has developed partnerships with a number of associates who provide a range of high quality services for businesses and individuals.


Julia Edgerley

Julia Edgerley


HRall provides bespoke HR consultancy  services and products to businesses of all sizes. This includes professional advice and guidance for employers on all employment matters, for example disciplinary, sickness management etc, with the aim of mitigating any potential risk; along with providing HR documentation (contracts, handbooks, policies and letters) , and provision of HR software for easy, effective management of staff information.

tpm have been using HRall services for three years, for both their HR consultancy services, and their acclaimed HR software. This easy to use software saves time and resources. It supports all aspects of staff management from interview to retirement and everything in between! Staff have online access to their individual records and other key information such as tpm’s HR H&S and safeguarding policies. The software is very affordable, incredibly flexible,, intuitive and easy to use, allowing tpm to manage  personnel activities digitally, dispense with paperwork, and produce management information reports to monitor progress. A chat with Julia from HRall on how she can help you and demonstration of the software is highly recommended.

Lin Hankinson

Lin Hankinson

What If You Can!

As an NLP Practitioner, Lin helps her clients eliminate old, unhelpful ways of thinking that don’t get results. She identifies underlying causes, patterns, resistance and attachment that hold individuals back. She helps create people’s future life with a success mindset. Lin helps people achieve what they want in their personal and professional life, whether it’s increased confidence, taking business/career to the next level or more fulfilling relationships, by removing the blocks they have to success.

Lin provided a series of mental health and wellbeing videos for the tpm community during the recent lockdown.

She is our go-to for advice on how to support our students’ mental health. We are currently exploring funding opportunities to provide counselling services for our most needy students through Lin.

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Helen Webster

Fitness and Fun

Helen is a dedicated fitness professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things to do with health, fitness and nutrition. Helen provided a series of fitness videos for the tpm community during lockdown.

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alex warner

Alex Warner


LCS works with businesses and business leaders, to ensure the people and the company are healthy, safe and successful. They support a range of businesses in Liverpool and throughout the UK and across Europe to deliver their health and safety legal duties with great effect. As well as working with SMEs, they also work on a wider scale to provide specialist legal support to senior leaders and construction projects to multi-national organisations, large corporations and PLCs.

Alex has supported tpm with updating health and safety processes in preparation for post-Covid return to work.

Any employers who work with tpm can access 10% off LCS services.

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Barry Hall

Smart Rethink

Smart Rethink delivers high-quality first aid training to businesses across the north-west. Their business is based on the premise that first aid is a necessary life skill, and one that should be fun to learn and made simple through informative sessions and good resources. Director Barry Hall is currently providing a programme of workplace training for tpm apprentice employers featuring Pediatric First Aid and First Aid In The Workplace.

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