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5 Reasons To Apply For A tpm Traineeship

You’ve probably heard of apprenticeships but you might not be so familiar with traineeships.

You might not be ready for an apprenticeship. Maybe your skills and experience need developing a bit before an employer will take you on. Or get any maths and English qualifications you didn’t manage to achieve at school. If this is the case for you, you should seriously consider a traineeship as a first step. A traineeship at tpm covers all bases, providing qualities and skills to get your first paid role as an apprentice.

Here’s 5 reasons to sign up for a traineeship with tpm.

1. Traineeships Are Flexible

A traineeship is a flexible training programme. In other words, it’s not one size fits all. Everyone has different needs so the course is different for each learner. The course gets you ready for the world of work through workshops at our city centre training venue. In addition, you’ll be supervised though a work experience placement. In this way, you get the credentials you need to put on your CV which kickstarts your career.

2. Great Success Rates

8 out of every 10 young people who complete a traineeship at tpm progress onto a full time apprenticeship or a job. And this is usually within six months of completing the course. Following that, those that go onto an apprenticeship normally achieve a level 2 qualification within two years. Importantly, many are kept on as full time employees with great career prospects.

3. We’ve Got Excellent Links with Local Businesses

From Jordana Lawton Hairdressing to The Old School House Nursery tpm has brilliant connections with local businesses to help you start a career.  For example, in the sector of business administration, we’ve placed trainees and apprentices with Campbell Cain, Plus Group and CPL Training.  All the employers we work are committed to supporting the futures of young people across Liverpool City Region.

4. You Can Test the Water

A traineeship is the perfect way to decide if a particular job is for you.  This is because you get the chance to go to work for up to 13 weeks to discover what the workplace is like. Furthermore you get to find out what the employer expects of you too. And don’t be surprised if they offer you an apprenticeship at the end of your traineeship! This happens with most of tpm learners.

5. You’ll Be In Good Company

Sign up for a traineeship, and you’ll be following in the footsteps of other young people who have had career success. Hannah Dowell and Corey Moore recently completed a traineeship with tpm. Now they’re both on apprenticeships. Meanwhile Ellie Stoke who also completed her traineeship with tpm and progressed onto an apprenticeship, is now on target to achieve a level 3 diploma in childcare.

If you enrol on a traineeship with tpm, there are extra perks too. For instance, you get a bus pass meaning free travel to tpm’s training centre and your work placement. In addition, you could also pick up a bonus from tpm if you are selected as Learner of The Month.

 A lack of qualifications or work experience doesn’t stand in the way of getting on the career ladder. Specifically, Traineeships help young people in this very situation. A traineeship boosts life and career opportunities.

Anyone aged 16 to 18 with little or no work experience and without a level 3 qualification can apply for a traineeship at tpm.

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