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School leavers make excellent progress thanks to tpm traineeships

tpm traineeships have a proven track record for successfully preparing school leavers for the world of work or helping them to progress onto apprenticeships. 

This month, Year 11 and Year 13 learners across the country will be leaving school. Some will have spent half of their exam course learning from home. Additionally, they won’t have sat their exams.  It is no wonder then that some will feel like they are unsure what their next steps are. They may not feel ready or prepared for the world of work. Moreover, they may lack the experience and qualifications to get onto the course of their choice. 

A traineeship with tpm is the perfect programme for school leavers in this situation. It gives them the skills they need and creates an excellent opportunity for progression. 

What are Traineeships? 

A traineeship is a flexible education and training programme with work experience for individuals who are not ready to go onto an apprenticeship or job. It provides the opportunity to gain real work experience and job skills while improving English, maths and digital skills. The course caters individually to each trainee’s career needs. Traineeships can last between six weeks and six months, depending on the needs of the trainee. During this time, tpm provide training and individual support to trainees to prepare them for work. For example, they will learn how to write CVs and what to expect in a workplace. Additionally, tpm arranges sector-focused vocational learning to prepare the trainee for an apprenticeship or job. Furthermore, tpm organises a high-quality work experience placement with an employer. This meaningful work experience develops workplace skills. 

tpm teacher Natalie Harris explains in more detail:

“A traineeship is a pathway to an apprenticeship. It gives learners experience in an area they are interested in and develops knowledge, skills and behaviour along the way. Traineeships ease the learner in; it is flexible for them to see if they like it and wish to pursue a career in that area. It also lets the employer know if they could be a potential employee for their company. A traineeship develops learners’ confidence, self-esteem, presentation skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills and social skills. It also develops their Maths and English skills if they need it.”

Opportunities for Progression

tpm Traineeships have a high rate of success. The purpose of traineeships is to prepare young people for employment and progress successfully to apprenticeships and other sustainable work. While some trainees go on to jobs elsewhere, 70% of learners enrolled on a tpm traineeship continue to complete an apprenticeship with tpm

A group of six learners (Layla Kristiansen, Chloe Cantwell, Hannah Hughes, Tayla-Lilli Byrne, Mia Briscough and Darci Hilditch) who completed their tpm traineeship in March 2021 have progressed onto Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeships, paid positions with quality local employers through tpm. Additionally, tpm supports all trainees with excellent careers information and guidance and helps them find their next steps. 

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